English  Pattern

Below are a few shots of the pattern lock I’m have cast and the Ron Paull lock used in the rifle above, mine differs from his in that the lock plate is a hair over six inches long.






This wonderful print is one of the latest additions to the western art collection of Dennis Karchner (Kare-ack-nur). It features the likeness of Richard Ashburn, a close friend and my sponsor into the AMM. In Richard’s hand is his  “English Pattern” Henry rifle built for him by Steve Hill. Check out the Web-Sites listed below for both of these guys, it’s worth your while.

“Spirit Horse Hunter”

Here is the finished product

These are the first castings of my lock


The pictures below are of a gun under construction, it was built with one of Ron Paull’s locks

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This is the first with my completed lock

This is the first prototype